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for the world is hollow

and I have touched the sky

Saki 咲
12 January
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♠ Saki

writer; student; social; open-minded; closet geek; little bit irrational, and partially air-headed; major procrastinator; barely 5’ 2”; book smart; avid shopper; affectionate drunk; californian; optimist.

i write some fic here and there, and occasionally ramble about fandom or my oh-so-thrilling life. i run mainly on cheaply brewed caffeine, and find stereotypes of all kinds hilarious. denial and tenacity are the main reasons i can get myself out of bed each morning - luck is probably why it keeps working.

♠ Fandom {s}

major JE fangirl: kuntt; news; jin-douche ♥, kanjani8, etc. but keep your arashi away from me plskthnx. inception. loads and loads of star trek, including but not limited to TOS, reboot, & TNG. some sherlock, and some x-men first class. loads of batman and all things with capes. joseph gordon-levitt. grey's anatomy, true blood, supernatural. a shitton of kpop, but mainly shinee, jyj, boa.

pretty people, funny people, clever people. :3